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Only the mountain remains

A candid street photography project, using a Yashicamat 124 TLR 6x6 camera from the 1960s. A major inspiration for me when it comes to street photography are photographers from the 50s and 60s like Vivian Maier, some of whom used large, cumbersome TLR cameras like this. With this project I wanted to explore how using such a camera would influence my style and ability to photograph people candidly.

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Ongoing series exploring the theme of intimate space in the London Underground. Being from Ireland where there's no metro system, I find underground networks fascinating. I'm drawn specifically to moments where commuters appear to create a private psychological space, despite the overcrowding.

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Intimate Space

This series explores how the camera can broach the intimate space of a complete stranger, even in the most public setting. Taken candidly on the world's busiest highstreets and partly inspired by Harry Callahan's 'Women Lost in Thought' series.

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Following my interest in proxemics; the study of human space, I find it fascinating that the camera can cross through these spaces even through layers of glass.

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